Last Summer Journey

It's been almost one year, and I never published theses photos taken during our roadtrip in the south of Spain. Life goes so fast, we have been very busy the last months because of our event, but i don't give up... this blog, is still alive even if the statistics are close from null.

To jump on the road and “take French leave”, does it mean something to you ? For us, it seems obvious: going on a trip with our motorcycles is in our blood, it comes as a vital need.
Why would we have so much passion if our bikes were just to admire in the back of our garage ?
From where we already are in the South of France, the easiest and the most attracting way to go is furthermore towards the South.
The appeal to reach the most southern point of Europe stood like a magnet.

We loved exploring Andalucia, this beautiful and wild piece of land.
We travelled through the winds of the Iberian Peninsula, drove on many stunning roads, partied on long summer nights sometimes 'til the morning.
We felt alive !

Crossing the Pyrenean mountains around Bielsa port with two Guzzis
Monte Perdido

los Monegros
Somewhere in the suburbs of Madrid
Madrilenos will recognize the cave of Doctor Jalisco
WW2 R75
Polo joined the forces in Zargoza
Rickman Kawasaki
2 rares British bikes in Spain

El Jefe Doctor Jalisco

Juan Ramon

the carb sync and compression check 15:1 is a lot ...put a gasket  !!
Looking for shadow

Alberto Garcia Alix


David at work
David and Anthony enjoying the dirty Duoglide
Zahara de la Sierra
Anthony aka Matt Black customs
The lone Wolf
the Basecamp in Tarifa
small eyes, strong night
like  a modern Manet painting

My Half
Fred II
Mala chicas
Ronda point of view
Zahara de la sierra
locals only


Adriaan said...

I read the blog through an RSS reader, not sure if I am the last one, but that might not show up in the stats.
Great pix, keep it up!

Konrad Holzbauer said...

The sidecar BMW in Doctor Jalisco's garage ist not a R12, but the legendary R75. The R75 features a telescopic fork and a two-wheel drive whereas the R12 had a girder-type fork and conventional one-whell drive.

Domass said...

I'm reading it, but there's rarely any new stuff published these days, so Vince, please do not forget, your popularity comes from this blog, KEEP IT ALIVE !!! God damned it, there is people reading it out there and who don't give a damned about "le truc a la plage pour hipster"!!

Kevin said...

Check the blog daily... great picture of what looked to be an amazing trip!

Roger Chambers said...

I've been a Southsiders follower for years, never commented before but really enjoyed this documented trip as I have your others…..we like to do the same here in Australia. Glad to see the blog still ticking over and look forward to the next post. Roger.

DAYTON said...

Nice pics.
Belles gueules, la poussière d'Andalousie (mes racines sont là-bas), la couleur et le noir et blanc pour marquer la mémoire de ces virées arrachées au temps. On a envie de les imprimer, toutes ces photos, et de les ranger à plat dans un album, à côté de la collection des Men's file et de la maquette de la Mustang.

iansolley said...

Can't beat a road trip with your friends - and this looks great - really feel the need to do one now but have none available - let me know if you plan one as would love to ride with you guys.