Knucklehead engine for sale


Our friend "M" is selling is Knucklehead engine :

1942 Harley Knucklehead Dual Carburetor Engine. This engine is complete, has been has been professionally rebuilt by one of the best in the business, and has never been ran. It has 74 inch internals, 8.5:1 pistons, new repop cylinders, K-Grind cam, and lightened timing gears. The VIN numbers are obviously not correct and I do NOT have a title or know anything about obtaining one. I had this built out of parts that I bought over the years and planned to use it as a novelty hot rod engine in a VL frame. The cases are real Knuckle cases and the generator saddle is broken off. They do not match and they have some miscellaneous numbers stamped in them; they are just an old set of cases that someone polished and “personalized” back in the day. The heads are extremely nice heads - much less dual carb heads. They are set up for Amal carbs and have all new parts in them including new FHP rocker arms. The rocker boxes are matching 1942 rocker boxes.

Call Benny at: 01562 730429 or 07913325297



Mark Roux said...

Sounds interesting! Knucklehead carburetor engines for sale with such a nice features.

hartawan s said...

how much the price you ask?

if this engine is still available, please contact me at ANP12790@yahoo.com