The Mist green Sunbeam


'Jacques' restored this motorcycle in 1979 and was well aware of the Sunbeams good and bad points, having already owned one when he was younger and living in Paris. He knew that this model had a tendancy to overheat, owing to the engines design (Erling Poppe and Gerry Bayliss). This particular fault is incurable and therefore the motor requires close scrutiny. To make things easier he fitted oil pressure and temperature gauges allowing for an average speed of 90/100km/H. This motorcycle has a shaft drive and the engine is of square design with an overhead cam providing a maximum speed of 130km/H.

The design has a 'heavy appearance largely inspired by THe BMW R75 from WW2 and with it's oversized tyres has an appeal and look that is today very much in vogue. Furthermore this motorcycle has a relatively luxurious finish when compared with other machines of the period. This Deluxe model is recognisable from its "Mist" Green finish compared to the standard model that was finished in black.

This particular machine was built in 1954 and is a mix of parts from both the S7 and S8 models. The frame is from the S8 whereas the engine and body panels are from the S7. Purists would have recognised the S8 sprung seat, the S7 seat is canter-levered and the springs are hidden from view.

Photos by Benoit Guerry (southsiders-mc)

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rubbersoul1991 said...

lovely looking old bike. nice resto.

Grandpa Jimbo said...

Not only shaft drive, it looks to be a worm gear ala Peugeot autos of the period.

DicE Magazine said...

Vincent, I had one in London back in late 80's. I liked it, a little slow but very comfy. The biggest problem I had was the poor charging. I ended up pretty much writing it off when a car pulled out in front of me and I went through his side window, head first. Stewart Engineering rebuilt it with the insurance money but it was never the same again. They used to be all things Sunbeam, well S8's and 7's mostly. I wonder if they are still around?
Cheers ears