The Lowboy Racer


This machine was bought in England, build in the 70s from recovered racing spares.


the frame, tank and seat comes from a DOMIRACER “ Lowboy” designed on demand by Doug Hele to replace the old Manx Frame, much lower, leaner and lighter than the Manx featherbed (35 pounds less) for the 1961 Tourist Trophy.

The DOMIRACER episode ended in 1962 by the shutdown of the AMC factory in Birmingham and the switch of Doug Hele for Triumph.

“In January 1962, when Norton sold out at Bracebridge Street, Birmingham, Paul DUNSTALL bought most of the experimental Domiracer twin engines and development bits and pieces that had been developed for the factory race team. This included the actual machine raced by Australian Tom Phillips to a magnificent third place in the 1961 Senior TT.”

Soon after Paul Dunstall will build some Lowboy replica frames.

Mick Hemmings built a small serie in 85/90s.

The fork is a shortened Norton Roadholder
front brake is a SEELEY double side single cam
rear wheel hub is a Triumph model


is a Pre Unit T100/RS from 1957, developped by Edward Turner for the Daytona races, based on the all alloy T100, and fitted with the DELTA (Splayed cylinder head) tuned in 1957 on TRICOR demand.

132 T100/RS plus seven Daytona engines were build and individually tested by Triumph factory.
Inside we find the camshaft E3134 type and the Pushrods “R” types.
Initially fitted with two GP Amal carbs , the output was around 38 Bhp and a maximum
speed at 125mph with a final drive at 23X45

The Triumph DAYTONA project will let place in 1962 to a T100 unit Triumph Daytona model with the arrival of Doug Hele at the Triumph factory.

this brillant engine was also fitted on Formula 500 Cooper racers.

The gearbox is a five speed Triumph and the Magneto a Lucas racing complete the equipment of the extremely pleasant small motorcycle of only 135kg

Brilliant photography by Benoit Guerry for Guerry & Prat images

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matt machine said...

unbelievable......beautiful shots vincent....what a lovely bike.

ElSolitarioMC said...

Bloody bike!!!

Carby said...

Every angle is perfect. The rear 3/4 shot with the carb and the pipe saluting the sun is damn near perfect.

Andy C said...

This is a lovely machine. Doug Hele was a superb motorcycle engineer, I know this because I have a 1968 T100T Datona that owes its quality to machines such as the Lowboy. When he was at Triumph Hele applied as much of his gathered experience on the unit 500s as he dared (it wasn't officially allowed) and that led to the mid sixties wins at Daytona and concequently my bike. This Lowboy is a beautiful piece of living history and I hope it gets ridden and enjoyed a lot - it's built to be!

LesDids said...

Sorry but it was Tom Phillis who rode the bike in the 1961 TT not Tom Phillips. He became the first rider to lap at 100 mph with a push rod engine.