Zero mile Commando


Sold yesterday on Ebay

Offered for sale by Sonny Angel. I am his son-in-law, selling bikes on his behalf. Sonny's wife Chris passed away last month after a four year battle with cancer, and Sonny, now 86, is looking to retire from the motorcycle business. I will be listing several other bikes for sale, and all are available for viewing at his shop, Sonny Angel Motorcycles, in National City, California. This is a privately-owned motorcycle, not a shop bike.

For sale is a 1975 Norton Commando 850cc Interstate, black, with zero miles. Bike has never seen the light of day. Sonny purchased the bike in 1975, and placed in the back of his shop for safe keeping. The crate has been sitting in the same spot since 1975, and still has the original two metal bands around the cardboard box. The room was not temperature controlled, so condition of the bike inside the crate is unknown. I can not see the bike, but I can see the rear wheel and spokes through an opening (pictured). Looks to be in good shape. The box has bike parts stacked on top, but they have not damaged the cardboard.

Of course, the value of this bike comes from the fact that the crate has never been opened, and has no miles. Any serious buyer will understand our reasons for not opening the crate and taking photographs. We will be glad to show the crate to any serious buyer, please contact me first to make an appointment.

This may be the ONLY zero-mile, crated Commando in existence. Don't pass up this opportunity to own a rare example of motorcycle history.

Willing to ship the motorcycle within the lower 48 US states, buyer responsible for coordinating the shipment and ALL associated costs. Shipping to east coast with Forward Air runs about $850. Will place the crate inside a motorcycle shipping container, well protected. Willing to ship internationally, but buyer must make ALL shipping arrangements. Will deliver the crate to a port/shipping company of your choice, within 200 miles of San Diego, or make available for pickup.

Non-refundable deposit of $500 required within 48 hours of auction end. Winning bid must be paid in full within 7 days, or motorcycle will be relisted. Paypal preferred. Bank transfer and cash also accepted.

Reserve set, and will not be disclosed. Depending on bid progression, reserve may be removed. Looking to raise funds to ensure Dad has a good quality of life in retirement.

And my question is: what will do the new lucky owner? will he ride the bike or keep it in the sitting room between the TV and the chimney??

Merçi FuFu



vincent said...

To whom it may concern,

Good morning. I enjoy checking out your blog over coffee every
morning. Thank you for sharing your love of motorcycles. This morning
I saw the blurb about your father-in-law selling off some motorcycles.
Is he also going to sell some shop gear (i.e.: motorcycle lift, tools,

Sincerely yours,
Jim Koenigsaecker

Charlie said...

Whelp, now I HAVE to subscribe.


DaxxRuckus said...

Holy shit, that is a bad ass Norton. I'm in San Diego just north of National City and would have loved to check this thing out. How much did it sell for on Ebay?

Great blog btw. thanks!

vincent said...

gone for 24.000.00$

- jamie said...

It's incredible that things like this still happen, congrats to whoever the new owner is.

OcchioLungo said...

that's a great question Vincent! It is a lose-lose proposition for the new owner. If he uncrates the bike to ride it, then it becomes just another low-mileage maybe $12k Commando that he paid $24k to buy. If he leaves it in the crate, then he never gets to ride it, and what good is that?