Goodwood Vintage Revival 2011-Part one


It' s going to be probably the longest post of Blogger's history, more than 250 photos... but how to describe better than with photos and to share with you our last week-end?
Located in the beautiful countryside of West Sussex region in the south of England, the Goodwood circuit hosted last week-end the most important vintage reunion of the world.
Belonging to Lord March, motor racing enthusiast, the Goodwood complex is a perfect place for the thirteenth edition of the Goodwood Vintage Revival.

No less than 150.000 participants for the three days, thousands of cars hundred of bikes and scooters fifty historic planes, a dozen of Spitfires and a Lancaster fortress flying over our heads while supercars and bikes were racing on the track. Hundreds of vintages stores, and a wall of Death.

A Great thank to Nick Clements for his kindness and "so British" sense of Humor

Welcome into the Vintage Tunnel and lets talk the images...

My Favorite "BUG": the T59 model

Dr Norton aka George Cohen

Men's File Studio, G.I- Winner of best Dressed in Military categorie Saturday

Schneider's cup 1929 Supermarine

Formula 500 Paddock

Matt Hind Men's File crew photographer

Mr Dan Force

Spirit of Ecstasy

Huggy Leaver and Fid the Lid (Mr DAVIDA)

Celebration of 100 years of in England

12.16 it's time to leave for us ! Rendez vous next year...

Stay tuned for more Medium format photos coming next week!



Anonymous said...

damn, some great photos in there. Much better than mine. It was great to see you Vincent, I hope to go there again.

david said...

How was you dressed man? I want a photo? Great pics anyway!

ElSolitarioMC said...

love the last photo!!! English punctuality ouh yeah!

Sideburn Magazine said...

you were busy!

Matt said...

Nice Pics,
By the way Lord March has nothing to do with March racing cars

vincent said...

Thank you, correction done !

MojoMan said...

Wow. What a fantastic array of photos. The story told through a wonderful pictorial. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures, simply amazing. I think I may have to take a trip to Europe soon.

Kirk said...

Amazing. Great photos, great vehicles, great people- thanks for that!

db said...

Fantastic images. Kicking myself for not going.

matt machine said...

holy jesus amazing photos vincent....


Oh yes !!!! The black Lightenning WOW !!!

Amazing pics.

Bullitt said...

Holy shit! SO many great photos. They keep going and going...Wish I was there!

BCM said...

Is this an annual event? I would love to see this in person.

JD said...

Nice showing of Alfas, Bugattis & Ferarris.
The clever Mod scooters slayed me too.
I'll be there next year!

JD said...

Nice showing of Alfas, Bugs & Ferraris.
The mod scooters ruled as well.
I want to go next year!
Jeff Decker

Geoff James said...

Congratulations on putting together such a fantastic collection of photos - just magnificent!

Geoff James
New Zealand
www.geoffjames.blogspot.com - Confessions of an Ageing Motorcyclist