My Grandfather

I spent all the week end looking at the family pictures and I discovered those two pictures of my grand father Adrien, 1870 - 1927.

Looking closely at it, it appears that they are not yet bicycles but tricycles and quadricycles. Which leads to believe that those images are from around 1890 for tricycles were invented in 1880 and pedal bicycles in 1900.

Those devices are complex, meaning odd. The tricycle with the great lateral wheel is a Rudge patent but quadricycles are Matchless patent.

Had the motorcycles existed then, no doubts my grand father would have been a biker. Watch what the gangs of bikers looked like before 20th century

Adrien, first from left

Adrien, third from left



Anonymous said...

what great photos! I'd guess that you are correct in your dating. Say 1888-1895ish, based on the bikes, plus your grandfather's mustache. (he was born in 1870...) Did you notice they all wear swell hats? And they all have mustaches.

Rudge had another bike called the Triplet. It seated three people, with three sets of pedal cranks and 4 wheels. Did I show you my c1885 Rudge poster of a Triplet hanging above my stairs? Great engineering on these things.

take care

vincent said...

Hi Pete
I was sure you would love it !...

If you look the first image the second from left wears a " Berét Basque", were they came from.
he wears it like a mushroom !

American motorcycles said...

Great post Vincent,
Indeed your grandfather and friends are bikers in their time, amused by the thrill of speed as we today with our motorized vehicles.

I love the quality of the work performed by some of the craftsmen who made those early cycles.
I have one Crescent safety from 1898 and a Pierce racer carcass from same time, amazing work and frames are really light tough still solid.
I find the link from safety cycles becoming motorized bicycles very interesting, like your early French Clement clip on engines;