Southsiders Babe September 2010

Live from a yesterday's shot in San Francisco by the Vintagent himself, she is our September Southsider's Babe. No one else but Jacqui Van Ham can bear the name of "Motorcycle Girl" today ! Jacqui wears the inimitable "RUBY" helmet (one of our sponsors). The bike is a Ducati 750 GT from 74. I met Jacqui last month at the Bonneville Speedway. Since our encounter, I bet she must have done at least 4,000 miles riding her BMW. Hey Jacqui, you are beautiful !



YJH said...

Goodbye, Ruby Jacqui
Who could hang a name on you?
When you change with every new day
Still I'm gonna miss you

MojoMan said...

Jacqui Van Ham & BMW = appears to have a broken link

vincent said...

Yes Mojo
It looks like Jacqui's website crash/maintenance/upload...

The Vintage Advantage said...

Vincent!Thank you for having me be your "Babe of the Month!" Merci!

Website up and running, will be posting trip pics this week, now that I am back home!

Jacqui Van Ham

Macciato said...

She's the babe that made my month, too! Good seeing you Van Hampster.