Wallako Surfshop


After two decades of formated products, a new generation of cool surfshops is coming back to life. The same phenomenon is currently visible in the motorcycling world, peoples want to relieve with original sources.
With Wallako Surfshop you will find truly original products...

Good new: Wallako distributes Men's File Magazine


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DoubleOhTwo said...

Hi Vincent! Thought of you this morning, our local Cronulla surf photographer Matt Johnson of 'The Sea Life' is in Biscay at the moment, apparently a bit flat! You should sign up for his email, very talented shooter who catches that 'parallel' surf vibe. And we have a very good surf shop opened up on our Northern Beaches similar to what you refer: http://www.sugarmillsurf.com/ Worth checking out. Heading up there this weekend, will take some photos!