RolleiFlex Old Standard 620

This is not your average camera : I grew-up with this camera on my side. It was the only "hi tech" object my Father possessed as he had no taste for technology.
This 621 Rollei-flex was manufactured in Germany in 1934. My Dad found it in a ditch near Lindau (Tyrol) in 1945.
It was probably forsaken along with mountains of objects & weapons, that US and French soldiers found at their feet.
My Father who was an aspiring doctor returned with 2 Tyrolean pipes, 3 beer mugs, 1 Leitz (Wh)binoculars and the Rolleiflex.
I recently realized how much this camera educated my relationship with the world of objects : materials & textures (the brown leather of the case, the sheathing and the worn metal corners of the camera).
It was such an advanced technolocical camera, with a double sporty visor (6x6 & 6x9).
Well, I probably caught the "Vintage" virus from my Dad's Rolleiflex.

1945 Near Lindau

1946 Aromanches

1946 first Grand Prix de Paris (Porte de Saint Cloud)


Kirk said...

Are those your Dad's photos? Epic either way.

vincent said...

Yes Kirk
This is my father in uniform, when the french soldiers in 1945 were very proud to wear U.S uniforms.
Just after the Indochine war began...

louandtheclock said...

i also have a rolleiflex, one my grandfather gave to my dad (YJH), who gave it to me afterwards !

rollei are the best
nice post

Bill Douglas said...

The 1946 Aromanches shot is very Hemmingway. Very Steinbeck. Great stuff.