Motorama Show at Pan Pacific, 1951


6 images. Motorama Show at Pan Pacific, 07 November 1951. Carol Cameron -- 18 years (in Pontiac 6 Lakester Racer); June Lyden -- 18 years (with 1925 Model Rolls Royce); Barbara Ruick -- 19 years (Motorama Queen); Phyllis Avedon (with new Buick XP 300 Model 1929 Street Roadster).
Caption slip reads: "Photographer: Paegel. Date: 11-7-51. Reporter: Dunn. Assignment: Motorama Show at Pan Pacific. 15 - 16: June Lyden, 18, with 1925 model of Rolls Royce, owned by Actor Patrick Knowles. L-R: June Lyden, 18, assists Motorama Queen Barbar Ruick, 19, of MGM, into 25T modified roadster (hot-rod model). Phyllis Avedon enhances the appearance of the new Buick XP-300 model. Queen Barbar Ruick, all grease, working on 1929 Street Roadster. Carol Cameron, 18, in Pontiac 6 Lakester racer, which was three years in making. L-R: June Lyden, 18, and Queen Barbara Ruick."

Created: 1951-11-07
Creator: photographer Paegel
Publisher: University of Southern California. Libraries
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