Royal Cafe from Bombay


Joshua Crasto our pal bike tester and motorcycling journalist from Bombay (India), had a very good idea, to build a cafe racer from the the Royal Enfield Bullet .

The kit is now ready for sale
The idea of the kit was to keep it simple, lose weight (not me, the motorcycle) make it idiot proof and bolt on. Now even a noob can turn a couple of wrenches on the weekend and give his dad's 30 year old motorcycle a facelift. ( that's my dad's '69 ride) The kit includes a number of innovations You'll see them in the fully adjustable handle bar so you can use it no matter what trim your motorcycle is in. And a fork brace (not seen on this model) so you no longer have to kick the fork straight after a bump. Modern spring loaded rear sets, that you don't have to sell your kidneys for, can also be had with the kit. And finally some trick lights that ensure my electronics class in college didn't go to waste. Not to mention that the tank and seat are made in GRP and come with a custom quick-filler-type billet cap.

The kit cost ~ USD 750 excluding shipping which includes
A GRP tank in fibre painted in a stardard colour
Custom billet screw on type gas cap
Petrol tap
GRP seat cowl (I can make them a single seater, or a two seater and one size in between, back home a lot of the guys want to have women ride shotgun)
Spring loaded, adjustable rearsets with complete linkages
Adjustable clubman type bars. (easily adjustable for normal use)

Front Fender
Fork Brace
Goldstar Replica Silencer
Tag mount(number plate holder)
LED tail lamp
LED parking lamp fused in the Headlamp beam
Racing ovals
Battery box



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