Martin Heukeshoven: Rust lover


Among the exhibitors at the 2010 Retromobile Paris, I was struck by the work of the artist Martin Otto Heukeshoven Lambert, born in 1962 Uetersen, he lives since 1969 in southern Germany.
After receiving training in lithography and reproduction, he worked in graphic arts and illustration and computer graphics and finally antiques and objects restoration

In 1995 building of the first corroded vehicle , inspired by travel and a taste for the Vintage things are the main elements of his inspiration.
The sculptures of Martin are alive and mystics like these old cars found in scrapyards.
The realism is striking.



studioze said...

good work , super et impressionnant

jcb said...

très beau travail la patine est impressionnante j'ai eu l'occasion de voire certaines de ces oeuvres à rétromobile 2009.