Container City


Containers are an extremely flexible method of construction, being both modular in shape, extremely strong structurally and readily available. Container Cities offer an alternative solution to traditional space provision. They are ideal for office and workspace, live-work and key-worker housing.

Container Cities do not even have to look like containers! It is a relatively simple matter to completely clad a building externally in a huge variety of materials.

Finally the benefits of Container Cities can truly be seen in short and medium term land use projects. Short-life sites can have Container Cities that simply unbolt and can be relocated or stored when land is required for alternative uses. To date this alternative method of construction has successfully created youth centres, classrooms, office space, artists studios, live / work space, a nursery and retail space.



DoubleOhTwo said...

Hi Frank, great post! I have long entertained the idea of buying some land and building a container dwelling on it, one for the bikes and some for the living areas. Steel is such a marvelous material!

Frank Sider said...

Thanks Double"O"2
its such a nice way to built a house, specially in your nice country.
my best, F

YJH said...

have a look
check the store in Zurich

YJH said...


matt@machine said...

double o two...next time your south you better check out some shit here...

David said...

another amazing Container Building


found this some days ago on google