Alek Wek (born 16 April 1977) is a Sudanese model who first appeared on the catwalks at the age of 18 in 1995, sparking a career lasting to date. She is from the Dinka ethnic group in the Sudan, but in 1991 she and some family members fled to Britain to escape the civil war between the Muslim north and the Christian south of the Sudan. She later moved to the United States.



DoubleOhTwo said...

Is she actually reefing that Trump around herself or is that Photoshop? Fantastic image.

YJH said...

it is just a basic erasing of the box on which the bike is standing_unlike you, Australian fellow, I find this image chichi and totally (we say) bidon_another silly CD cover_for the real glam side of this kind of art direction, check Jean-Paul Goude_DOT : good to have you back after your long vacation/road trip

Frank Sider said...

YJH are you ina bad mood today ...
I like this picture, ok the bike is not what i prefer but Alek is nice and funny .
Have a good day my friend