Ron Wood Norton 44


In addition to Chris Hunter's post on Bikeexif, here are some details shot of the wonderful Ron Wood's Norton .



YJH said...

it's a dream machine and you're the angel bringing it to us_thanks Vinco
PS. could we have a bigger file of "Bikeexif" pic

matt@machine said...

its one of those bikes that people like me dream of...

knossos said...

It is a very nice looking bike. I was able to study it closely while judging it during the Legends of the MC show, and it is great. lean and mean, as a race bike should be, without any extra BS.

Pete in SF

Frank Sider said...

Hi Pete
thank you for your comment, this bike is really great and this LOTM was a great show too. Its very sad they had to stop it.
my best, F