Phaeocystis Globosa : The Baccy Juice


Phaeocystis is a genus of marine algae nanoplankton (prymnésiophycée).
The algae can cause plankton blooms very important that occur at sea by the appearance of a thick mucilage in the water and on shore by the appearance of a thick layer of foam (colored white-gray to brownish or yellowish white).
According to the study conducted by IFREMER in 2004, although the fishermen and get accustomed to consider as natural, it is a phenomenon more important than before, but which has already been observed in England in 1923 on the Thames estuary. He seems to have been no previous observations reported by naturalists or historians of earlier periods.

Fishermen in the western French call handle these blooms green of May, "" filth "(synonym of scum), or speak of" sticky ", or" mud ".
English side fishermen speak of tobacco juice or baccy juice or fisherman's or signs of foul water or stinking water.
The baccy juice, comes every year with the clear water, caused by the sun light penetrating the water. I tokk those pictures yesterday afternoon at 5:OO in Biarritz while this baccy juice generally appears in May ...


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