Friday at the Ace Café


See you tomorrow at the Ace !,
In these terms we had quit Mark on Thursday evening.

There are mythical places where a visit is required, the Coffee is a temple of the bike and R n'R. Unfortunately we had no bikes to reach this place on the North Cicular near the Wembley Stadium. When we arrived, many people and noise around the bikes outside,

what's the show? just a ball of constant arrival and departure of bikers groups, wheeling and burning tires. Within inside the DJ plays rock n roll at the back of the all yellow room like a circuit pit and the guys sit at the long tables eating French fries with cheese and beans sauce mayonnaise, drinking pints of course.

Mark is a nice guy and just talk to every table. We sit on the benches at the table Reverend Dennis, true to tradition, wears leather and came with his Rocket 3 ...

Meanwhile outside, the park is empty, after 3/4 beers stomachs filled, it's just Friday and time for us to return.

find the Southsiders sticker, a T shirt for the winner!




Josh said...

Found it!!! All the way to the top right hand corner, just to the left of that orange sticker. :-)

It's been a dream to visit the Ace, The last time i was in the UK, I chose the national motorcycle museuum over the ace as I was on a tight schedule. But it's pics like yours that inspire me to come back soon.

Nikos said...

One day I have to go there...

wojkop said...

Picture #5: its polish motorcycle SFM Junak!! :)
Greetings from Poland!!

vincent said...

Yes wokjop this one and the H.D Bobber where from Poland

vincent said...

Hey Josh you won
send me your address by mail !

vincent said...

Hey Nikos ,
say hello to Greece for me !