My Guzzi...


Accustomed to light English motorcycles, it took me a while to tame this big machine with rounded lines.
First, the driving position, very specific, feet forward like in the U.S. and not backwards as in Europe, causing at first a sensation of imbalance, then the large comfortabe handlebars take wind is offset by the windshield at the expense of instability at high speed.
Fortunately the weight of the machine is down therefore the center of gravity too. The handling is surprisingly easy in town as well as on the road.
Braking is a matter of practice and anticipation, you must avoid emergencies and in the mountains, especially downhill think to the weight of the machine ...
The engine is smooth and torquey and likes to take revs, you can ride all day without tiring.
The more I look this motorcycle the more I like its aesthetics rather outdated, synonym of big touring bike in the 60/70s.
I recently added a pair of Wixom Pacifico saddlebags unavailable in Europe, they were manufactured in California for Guzzi and BMW, and give a pretty look to the tail.
This picture was shot with a 40D Canon Camera and a F2,8 Usm 300mm Canon.



Chris said...

Wow. That is just perfect. One day I'd like to get one of these to go with my everyday V7 Classic.

As usual, a beautiful photograph too.

Chris B. said...


YJH said...

trop belle_comme disent les kids qui savent bien ce qui est beau/pas beau_congrats Vince and thank you for letting me ride it (=teaching me how to ride it)_cheers

southsiders M.C. said...

You know Chris
these bikes are really underrated, keep it secret !

david said...

Classe... Celle la est moins propre mais tu devrais aimer (si tu ne connais pas deja depuis longtemps) http://guzzigalore.nl/log/

SonicSeb said...