European Airstream Meeting


Yesterday evening, the weather was stormy and too much windy to take the bikes. The atmosphere reminded me the movie " The War of the Worlds".

So we've gone with the Mustang and the Beetle to the fourth European Airstram Meeting. Eighty miles from Toulouse there's a farm and a special Camping.

The Boss Peter an Englishman and his original family receive only "Airstream" trailers and vehicles over 25 five years old.

The place near the Pyreneean mountains is hard to find but that's your guarantee for tranquility.

Take a look on the Gallery

A good place for a next bike trip...


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YJH said...

bon, je crois reconnaitre steve de dos dans la mustang et la boule à côté de la pte mignonne vw, c'est la boule du prisonnier_ouais, chui carrément sûr_en fait c'est la voiture de patrick mc gohan