So Sexy Velocette

Yves J. Hayat, recently felt in love, with one of the most charismatic and British brand:Velocette, The only Logotype, like an old signature, is enough for him to get charmed. So he found an immaculate 1934 MAC model

The Mac is a 350 cc Over-head-Valve model. With a four speed gearbox, a rigid frame and a Webb fork.

The big wheels effect is done by 19"rims with fat Avon tires. There's no chrome or nickel excess, and that's make a classy looks to the bike. Gold hand made Pinstriping on the 2 gallons tank add an extra British look. The Brown Terry replica saddle will be changed for an original one.

Typical Velocette Fishtail silencer sounds loud for the old Lady.

Perfect lines, without the original Miller headlamp make the front end lighter...

And who played first with the new Toy? Paul D'Orléans for sure: the Velocette Lover...

He brought as a gift from his archives collection, the orginals period manuals.
Welcome home littl' Velo !


Coyote Man said...

Yves, you're so lucky, I hope you'll attend the Coyote days in Nogaro, croos the paddocks with the Velocette

YJH said...

thanks guys_you are all part of this_thank you spend spend for your permanent advising and thank you pdo for your ultimate gifts_VYJH

Tim said...

The bike is beautiful. I'm looking for tyres just like this - I can't see tyres matching the tread pattern on the Avon site... can anyone tell me which tyres these are exactly? Thanks!