Flatheads never die !


Back from "the coupes Moto Légendes" Nicolas Lépine sent me the three following pictures. Today this event is a big success for the spectators but less for pilots... Only 3 sessions of 9 rounds,during the whole Week-end, it's definitively not enough for the participants, for sure today a simple "profit show" Amen.

Watch out for the next events !!!

the real fanatics will go now on other smaller but funnier events like "Fanakick" (half June), "Le Luc" or "Coyote Days" (August)

Rubbers are made for burning, not for tanning in the sun !

What a beautiful and rare Lineup, Hey Guys promise me to come next year for the "Coyote Days" ,You'll apreciate Armagnac and a real track!

Nicolas between two German friends Thomas and Stefan: two Dangerous Boardtracker racers...


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Frank Sider said...

Gosh that could make me love HD again ...