Hong Kong Motorcycle Museum

Hong Kong, the most amazing City of Asia, i've been there hundreds of times and i still love this city more every time...
From Tsim Sha Tsui to the Victoria Peak, from Lan Kwai Fong to Wanchai its a great place to stay.

The Classic Auto-cycle Museum (CAM) Club was formed in January, 2006 by Ian Foster, an Architect (RIBA) and Motor enthusiast.

The main aim of the Club is to establish a Motor Museum to preserve Hong Kong’s Motoring Heritage. Hong Kong has a unique wealth of Motoring Heritage that does not exist in mainland China or in other S.E.Asian countries. Hong Kong is also responsible for ‘indoctrinating’ a Generation of children around the World, during the 1960s and 1970s, with plastic toy cars and motorcycles “Made in HongKong!” Our concept is to create a ‘mecca’ for motor enthusiasts in Hong Kong similar to the popular “Rock Store” in Los Angeles and “Ace Cafe” in London. This venue would be a hub for local car and motorcycle enthusiasts, local day-trippers, school-trips, and tourists wanting to see the storey of the development of vehicles in Hong Kong.

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