Vael Project Autumn 2009 Preview

It’s footwear day so it would seem. Here are some looks from the forthcoming Autumn 2009 collection from Vael Project. New calf high boots enter the mix. Stuff that denim inside the boot or fold down the leather for a more relaxed baggy feel. Note that the far right boot was worn by Vael Project’s head designer, Coleman Horn, for weeks to give you an idea of how natural wear will break them in. (photos: Michael Savant)


fastidio said...

where is possible to buy them?

Frank Sider said...

You can find the retailer list on their website

Anonymous said...

They are not available until late summer.. It's a fall collection//

Please be patient... Fellow Riders!! These worked well on my MV Agusta and the "Vincent" riding boot has shift patches!