Southsiders' Blog , 1 Year

One year ago we started the Southsiders blog.

Twelwe monthes and four hundred twenty six post later we would like to thank you all for your support.
From L.A to Tokyo, from Oslo to Sydney we met a lot of Motorcycles lovers, we received a lot of comments and we told a lot of stories about you guys all over the world.
We are all inspired by the same passion. Classics, racers, bobbers we all have in our garage a bike who make us keep on getting younger ...
As a psychotherapy, blogging is working as a "valve" in our heads making our vision of life funnier than real !
It's also for us a good reason to take more and more pictures and movies to share with you.
Today we would like to take one minute to thank a few people that we met during this year in person or thru email.
Thank you Paul for your help , you're THE reference for all of us.
Thank you Amaryllis and Ian , you make us work harder
Thank you Bill "Hoofhearted" , one day we will bring a bike in El Mirage
Thank you Keith, I hope we 'll make some music together one day.
Thank you Yves, The story is just beginning!

Frank, Vincent, Laurent & Benoit


YJH said...

happy anniversary_you are great fellows_I am glad we've met_the best is ahead of us as we are now on the road again_together_special thanks to paul d'orléans for being the reunificator and such an extra-ordinary friend_many cheers to you two, frank & vincent_yves

Coyote Man said...

I wish a long life a this blog, i"ll continue my contribution as much I can, we spent great moments, we've met lot of fabulous poeple, and shoot splendid Bikes.
Thanks to all

SonicSeb said...

happy birthday les southsiders !
keep on blogin' & sharing your sweet obsessions :)
Cheers from Ze Last Chance Garage du 7/8

Frank Sider said...

A special thank to you Laurent you did a great job

the droids said...

les ptis gars, j'aurais bien aimé que nous nous fassions un diner d'anniversaire_chez elio bombace par exemple_avec les motos devant_donc diner de ratrappage asap_les bikers intéressés peuvent laisser leur @ ou/et phone # sur le plus delicieux bikers blog of france_oui monsieur

southsiders M.C. said...

+1 je viens en Velocette!

Falcon said...

Congratulations on a great year of Southsiders M.C.!

Sending love from Los Angeles, you inspire us and we are happy to see you soon...

Ian & Amaryllis

Vonsontag said...

Amitiés bordelaises aux southsiders. Moi qui suis un southwestsider, je me sens proche de vous... et seulement par la géographie. Alors bon anniversaire au blog et longue vie à ses riders.
Keep on rodding