From Sutro Bay ... to Biarritz

The first time i've been to Sutro was during my trip with the Southsiders to attend the Legend of the Motorcycles in Half Moon Bay.
During 4 days we stood at the Seal Rock Inn in San Francisco near the Cliff house and i had since the first minute the feeling that i knew this place before ...
Now i know why

Sutro Bay (California) : The Cliff House
Biarritz (Basque Country) : The Belza House


YJH said...

dear frank and dear vince, what a divine sign_it's here before our eyes_let's do the european version of legend of the motorcycle, every other year_what do you think, pdo, br & jz_one year at your place, next year here_let's reunite alternatively the best of europe and the best of the united states of america_cheers everyone

Frank Sider said...

Dear Yves, we were talking about that yesterday night with vincent having dinner in a Bodega near my house.
That would be splendid and so exciting
Lets try to convince our American friends

vintagent said...

I would be delighted to swap years! Only Jared and Brooke know what a difficult task this would be though...they were left on the hook for a Lot of Money when 'sponsors' like MV and Bimota and Men's Vogue pulled out.
Sadly, it all comes down to money, not love; although nothing happens without the love, if there is no money, it's difficult to make a grand vision come true.
Spooky how our landscapes overlap... I'll send you today's pic of the Cliff House. The city recently 'restored' it to the 1950's version, not the magnificent Victorian original. I think we should ask for some of that $3tr Bailout money to rebuild it properly!