For Sale- A vendre

By Laurent

My father is a mechanic, he works on bikes, classic bikes and cars. Since a long time, he loves the german BMW's.
10 years ago, in a swap meet located in the north of Toulouse, he bought this bikes and restored it. This R27 built in 1967. The engine is rebuilt, front and rear KONI shock absorbers are new, the seats are DENFIELD ones, I renew the rims, spokes and niples. This bike is single as shown, with the particularity where the engine is mounted on rubbers to absorbe vibrations.
To start an other project, he decide to sell this bike, so if you are interested contact us

Contact Laurent: tomas.laurent@libertysurf.fr


YJH said...

là, y'en a un qui sait faire des photos parce qu'elle était top en vrai (j'ai hésité pdt 24h) et maintenant elle est mégatop_ggrrrr

Coyote Man said...

Hello YJH

You're again welcome in TLSe to ride it ....

see you

Frank Sider said...

Salut Laurent
j'ai toujours aimé ces motos mais là bravo. She's so beautiful

vintagent said...

I owned an R26 for many years, it was my first 'classic' bike, and it was stone reliable. I once saw 82mph going downhill, racing a Commando through the corners! Although it was best just plonking along slowly. I rode it everywhere, including on fire trails, the beach, mountain paths, footpaths in Golden Gate Park, plus the marble steps and atrium of our Legion of Honor museum - that was a late night/early morning flat-track session; marble is wonderfully slippery stuff when damp. Good memories.