America's first motorcycle is back

Dont know what to think about it, but one more time it seems that the new motorcycles designers are loosing the essence of the origin. Or maybe its the new bikers who better buy a new car ...

Founded in 1901, the legendary Indian brand remains America's first motorcycle and is highly revered. The company relaunched the iconic brand in 2008 with 4 Chief models, a full line of motorcycle accessories, and an apparel and gift line.

How can we forget this ... ?

The new Indian Chief Motorcycles are rightfully positioned as premium products and will be produced in limited number, with the focus on outstanding quality, performance and exclusivity.

from here 1953 ...

to here 2009 ... which one do you prefer ...? they should just have done apparel.


vintagent said...

Harley Davidson is a clothing company which sells motorcycles as accessories. This has been their business model since the 1920's, and they are Really Smart. See Rin Tanaka's 'Harley Davison Fashions' book, and understand how they have impacted motorcycle culture so profoundly.
So, Indian has a pretty logo, some skirted fenders, and not much else, but in truth, if they focus on selling imagery, they will survive.

Faport International said...

I am willing to introduce motorcycle clothing , made in Leather and Textile.
We are also having a range of accessories like safety jacket and gloves for bikers.