Born from a disaster

2007 Franck garage caught fire with his motorcycles, his tools, several parts and a 1958 Wurlitzer , all his passion ...
Among his motorcycles a 1952 Peugeot 125, a 1951 Gima 175, a 1994 enfield 500

and especially "his" sherished 1972 Norton Commando Combat 22000kms from new .

The package was completely burned,
by looking at the pictures you can judge the intensity of the disaster...

This means that after this event Franck disgust was such that he did not have the power to rebuild his machines. After several weeks of depression, he decided to separate from its ruins and build his own café racer.
A Triton...
The recipe is simple, a Norton wideline frame with a T120R triumph engine..tuned with 4 sparks plugs (dave degens method).

high compression piston 9.5:1, forged conrods,

Tony Hayward beltdrive, amal carbs, close ratio Gear box

It took me almost 8 months, but it paid, the triton works hard...

actually Franck is active with friends on this forum : clubcaferacer.com
Dedicated to racing machine, road racers and cafe racers !


franck said...

Ouchhhh I cannot believe it was my motorcycles..
damned !
Does anyone has a 1972 commando for sale..:-)
It may be my next project

thanks for posting my story !


This TRITON is doing it,bro...