Bill Phelps Photographer

Bill Phelps is an internationally renowned photographer presently based in Brooklyn, New York. Largely self-taught, he has worked in the fields of fashion, portraiture and landscape. He draws inspiration from a wide variety of sources ranging from mythology and scientific photography to the arts and cinema. His photographs create bold new worlds of beauty, suspended in time and space. The underlying quality of all his work, however, is subtle dignity and simplicity. Phelps says of his work: 'If I am truly taken with an idea I'll do whatever it takes to make it come to life.'

If you're passing by Brooklyn N.Y.C you can take a walk to Bill & John Bar " Café Moto " on 394 Broadway, Brooklyn

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fastidio said...

cafe moto should be a great place..
i'll go there for sure if i will be in New York.
then, if you go to london i suggest you this:
fantastic place for vespas, lambretta and italian coffe/style