1984-The Untouchables

Yesterday, talking by mail with John from New Zealand about music, I remembered two pics from my early years.
these were taken by the great Georges Tordjman in 1984. Our band was influenced by the L.A Scene : The Gun Club, The Plimsouls, The Cramps, the Unknowns ,X and The Fleshtones were the favourites. In France, were Rock Music wasn't an easy story, maybe because of our language, we had also our Favourites bands as Bijou, Starshooter, the Stinky toys or Asphalt Jungle.
Looking to the pictures, some of you will recognize the "Mondino" style of the period...

You can read more about french rock in this "Delicious" blog

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Frank Sider said...

Holly shit i cannot belive it ... what a road man