Metisse back on the road ...

Here we are again ... Steve Mc Queen one of my favorite guy is packed again with another poor marketing operation. We are talking here about a Great movie star and Great Motorcyles maker Don & Dereck Rickman but why dont they stop chasing all those great guys and let them quiet were they are ...
Sometimes a good memory is enough. Frank

by Deidre Woollard :

My colleague Jared Paul Stern proclaimed last summer the summer of Steve McQueen and the legend of the cool blue-eyed movie star continues on. A new McQueen biopic has been announced with the possibility of Brad Pitt in the starring role and Métisse motorcycles is making an exact replica of the Métisse Desert Racer built for Steve McQueen.

McQueen was a motorcycle and car collector and the new handbuilt motorcycle is a copy that is endorsed by Steve McQueen's estate and has his signature on the tank badge.

The motorcycles are made in England and use a ffully reconditioned period Triumph TR6 engine with a single Amal carburetor. It has styled footrests made to McQueen's original design, 35mm Ceriani forks, with seven inches of travel which he found to be the optimum, chromed steel wheel rims, period chromed exhausts and a period Triumph front hub with BSA rear. It sells for £12,999 and just 300 of them will be made.

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