Norton Owners Club

Each month we will put a post on the different Norton owners club all around U.S.A
This month you will find a preview on the Northern California Norton owner Club.
Those guys are based in the San Francisco area, so if you're from Northern California or anywhere else take a look at : http://www.nortonclub.com/

History: The NCNOC was started in San Francisco in the early 1970's. It was the first American branch of the Norton Owners Club (NOC) of England and grew geographically larger to become the Northern California Norton Owners Club. Still a branch of the feature picNOC and also the International Norton Owners Association (INOA), it is one of the largest Norton clubs in the USA.

Club membership is open to Norton owners and all Norton motorcycle enthusiasts. The club has monthly rides, meetings on the second Thursday of every month (at rotating venues), an award winning monthly newsletter, and this website. It also has an online Yahoo! discussion group. So if you like to ride, repair, eat, drink, be merry, talk about and admire Norton motorcycles, please consider joining - contact them for more details and membership information about the NCNOC and club activities.

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