Yellow pasta

Here is the story of the yellow strong Laverda by Gérard Livet
My motorcycle is a triple cylinders 1000cc  laverda in 1975 racing outfit. At first she was completely of original layout except a pair of clips-on bars and a single seat.

After years of road usage  and important mileage, I decide in 1998 of a complete refurbishment and especially on a transformation in a 70s racing style about which I dreamed for a long time. The engine was completely renew from new with racing parts, forged high compression pistons, 4c camshafts and three 36mm Dell' Orto carbs .

Thanks to Charles Dufetel and Richard Gallici for their skills and help to carry out this mission. polyester parts were made by Jean-Jacques Vilmot, thanks to him also for is collaboration and working quality.

The seat is a Honda CR replica which I extended slightly with a bight in the middle for a more Italian style. The tank is a SFC, the front fender comes from of an Aermacchi and the front fairing is a Seeley. Clips-on and rear sets are home made.

Wheel rims are Borrani’s with stainless spokes. Now for 4 years on circuits, I participate in some events organized by various clubs and associations, particulary Coyotes Days where organization and atmosphere are great.

The laverda is plenty of torque, powerful and pleasant motorcycle to ride on tracks, a little bit heavy but how much charming. I always liked the 60s and 70s motorcycles and especially cafe racers style which gives them an unmistakable charm and then the Continental Circus movie that I saw in the time was a reference for me.

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