Ben Part-sideburn mag

I just come to receive a bunch of shots from the photographer motorcylist, builder and writer Ben Part. As all british, he is an italian bike lover!
You can discover bellow his bike- building based on Moto Guzzi, he is also known in our vintage bike world to have realized advertising campaigns of Davida. and then you will discover "Sideburn mag" dedicated to the flat track.

this bike, is 'OB1' the MG I built together with Sean Bryant (bellow Left) for Ewan McGregor (bellow Right) - Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars

It is a copy of my own bike 'Zagato' which is in the Davida photos. I made the photos too.

there is also 'OB2' (based on a LeMans IV)that is owned by Sean Bryant but it is still not finished.
I made the fibreglass body - later copied into aluminium (not by me)

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cheers Ben

PS a few months ago I shot the new Davida campaign with a new girl & an LSL Triumph

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