Hang 'em up ... From a Legend to a Disaster

“ Hang ‘em up “

In 1970 Dick O’Brian create a Mythical motorcycle : the XR 750
From this years nobody succeeded to make not even a pale copy of this wonderful machine.
Nobody … until today when H.D decided a couple years ago to do that : ... the XR 1200
Shame on you Mr Harley. How can you put a knife in the back of Mr O’Brian and the original XR 750 by designing and producing this kind of horror.
And worst than that how can you use the image of this legend to promote the sales of this new product.
With all what’s happening in every countries on the motorcycle scene,please help us and yourself by firing your designer or let him free to make real bikes again
… I know i’m angry but take time to compare and you’ll see what i’m talking about.

Frank Sider


southsiders M.C. said...

neo -vintage style his often a poor design exercise; like a canada dry.

Simple Man GR said...

u r so fucking right!!!!


the new xr1200 SUCKS!!!!!