Bonneville - Worl's fastest motorcycles

Author: Horst Rosler
Motorcyclists have always been interested in Bonneville, but fueled by the movie, Worlds Fastest Indian, that interest has never been more intense than it is now. Over 150 bikes make the salt their home for one week in September of 2006. Among all those Suzukis and Harley-Davidsons, a group of bikes stood apart: the streamliners that came for only one reason, to break the Land Speed Record for motorcycles. By the end of the week a new top speed stood at 350 miles per hour, though the old record was exceeded a number of times by different machines on the way to the new record. The energy that makes Bonneville work isnt gasoline, its the drive of the teams, each trying to break a record or simply meet a self-imposed goal. Well-known photographer Horst Rosler captured the magic of Bonneville for this new book. The bikes, the limitless salt, the sunburned faces of crew and riders - theyre all here, printed on high quality paper and bound as a hardcover book. A book that deserves a place on the shelf or coffee table of any true motorcycle enthusiast.

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