San Sebastian Grand Prix 1925/1926

Here is a selection of photos that we exhibted in 2016 for the Artride show, courtesy of the Kutxa fondazioa and the Real Moto Club of Guizpuzcoa (San Sebbastian) who celebrated 100 years in 2015 .
You can see the motorcycle grand prix of Lasarte San Sebastian which was ran on a 10 miles circuit, by two categories the small bore bikes under 500cc and the big ones 750cc and more. the race was 221 miles long on very dangerous road.


Wheels and Waves California 2017

Wheels and Waves in California has been a dream for years. The Southsiders and The Vintagent joined forces and finally made it last summer. Obviously more compact than its big brother in Biarritz, but fullfilled by the same spirit and passion.
For long time, we followed the work of brilliant photographer and film director Patrick Trefz local from Santa Cruz. We met by chance, so was born this wonderful collaboration.

Nous avons longtemps rêvé d’exporter Wheels and Waves en Californie . En nous associant avec Paul D’Orleans (The Vintagent) nous sommes passé à l’action l’été dernier. Bien plus compact que son grand frère de Biarritz, mais empli de la même passion et du même esprit. Depuis longtemps nous suivions le travail du brillant photographe et réalisateur Patrick Trefz, local bien connu de Santa Cruz. le hasard a favorisé nôtre rencontre, de là est née cette très belle collaboration

WHEELS AND WAVES California by Patrick Trefz from Wheels and Waves on Vimeo.


Japan December 2016

The Annual Mooneyes show has become a regular date for us to fly over Asia every year in December, heading to Japan...
One says that the show lost of his attractive part, when Yokohama’s authorities prohibited (because of noise) 3 years ago, the giant parking lot outside the warehouse,  for the 10.000 visitor’s crazy bikes coming from all over Japan… Now the show happen in a strange religious silence and bikers come by train. It remains a fundamental show for the custom culture.The place where you will see the best ...and sometimes the worst.
This year we went there for the set-up day, to catch the right people and get several appointements for the up-coming week.
Each journey there is also an opportunity to discover a little more this country and the incredible megalopolis of Tokyo.The Japanese futuristic or classic culture, so different from our own, requires much perseverance and curiosity in order to be discovered.
For the first time we left Tokyo and Yokohama, with the help of our friend Tadashi, we eventually drove to Kamakura a very nice beach town. Our local friend Taka the boss of Blue Groove was waiting for us. His garage conceals some old American treasured motorbikes. We ended up with a visit to Addict Clothes. His shop specializes in the culture of pre-war English motorcycles. He also owns a remarkable collection of leather jackets that you will soon discover.
Impossible to describe all that we did during this last trip, so here are some photos:

The Fujiyama under our right wing means that we'll soon land
Tokyo viewpoint from the Metropolitan Government tower 東京都庁

Deus Ex Machina  store

First night started with an exhibition at Deus ex Machina Store in Harajuku. The Young Jerks a graphic designers studio exhibiting printed  towels.  

on the way back to the hotel Mr Attractions  Tomonari Nishizaki and his Velocette MAC

The Hot Rod and Custom Show set-up day (saturday)

The crew with Go and Masumi Takamine

The Moonline

Tokyo By Night

Shopping with Hiro

Black Sign

Steve, Hiro at Toys Mc Coys
Walk your rabbit park


Guitar Traders Store 


Uenokoen, Taito
 Park and Temple

Senso-ji temple
Neighborhood flagship store
from Left: Toshiyuki Cheetah, Ken Sughiara, Shinzuke Takizawa, Nau Shima

Genius Toshiyuki "Cheetah" Osawa JURASSIC CUSTOM / 4Dstudio

Fishing before eating  Go , Ken, Nico, David
Cruel but so good !

Blue Groove KAMAKURA

Welcome to Blue Groove

Sunset Bay leather jackets made in Kamakura
Takamitsu "Taka" The Boss
Aki Holoua Tsuda  " LEON"
The Great Buddha
Addict Clothes
Satoshi "Satosh" The Boss
Fujiyama mount
See you soon Japan !