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Big Bad Wolf


Last spring Yamaha teamed up with El Solitario celebrating 20 years of the XJR1300, an iconic street machine. The result is an awe-inspiring creation, a race inspired track monster that more than lives up to its name, ‘Big Bad Wolf’. The bike broke cover for the first time at the Glemseck 101 show in Germany in September, taking to the 1/8 mile race track to bring an end to the reign of the defending champions The Lucky Cat Garage. For something we chose to go to the moon, not because it is easy, but because we can, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win

El Solitario’s Big Bad Wolf breaks new ground in an impressive collab with Yamaha

Last Summer Yamaha teamed up with El Solitario to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the XJR1300, an iconic street machine. The result is an awe-awekening creation, a race inspired track monster that more than lives up to its name, ‘Big Bad Wolf’. The bike broke cover for the first time at the Glemseck 101 show in Germany in September, taking to the 1/8 mile race track to bring an end to the reign of the defending champions Lucky Cat Garage.

“We are really stoked with the collaboration with El Solitario,” commented Yamaha Product Manager Shun Miyazawa. We wanted to challenge them with the Yard Built project to show a different side to El Solitario and push them to see what they were capable of. The result is impressive! With no cutting or welding to the frame of the XJR they have proved that the bike continues to be an excellent base for customization, no matter what direction you choose to build in. The level of detail is fantastic, and we are proud of the collaboration, showing not just a new face for the XJR but also new ground for El Solitario.”

El Solitario agreed, “We are not familiar with 4 cylinder bikes so at first we couldn’t understand the challenge. For months we tried to answer the same question: How could we take it further? Ground Zero would be to ask the correct question. Asking what scared us the most, seemed logic, and the answer was performance and technology! Both were unknown and expensive paths for us. Suddenly aversion turned into curiosity and we had our challenge. We are motorcycle poets not engineers, so countless hours of research, and the love of our friends, made it possible to find the best partners in the world of fast bikes, and with their help, we developed one of the gnarliest muscle bikes ever to be seen in recent years.”

Key to the success of the project was the collaboration with Mauro Abbadini, from Classic Co. as technical director of the build, he brought with him the confidence and know how of a veteran racer and winner of many battles. Last but not least an army of racing industry experts, all keen to collaborate with El Solitario.

The end result, the ‘Big Bad Wolf’ AKA: BBW, has almost everything custom made with the exception of the frame, the tank, the handlebars and the rear light, reducing the wet weight to just 183kg.

The Motor was blueprinted and the heads were ported and flowed. The intake port flow was increased by 50%. Compression was raised from 9.7-1 (Stock) to 10.7-1. The combustion chambers were reshaped & the squish areas increased. The rods were reinforced with titanium bolts and the crankshaft was rebalanced. All the electronics and were removed and state of the art Lectron 42 Carburetors were added, developed specifically for the BBW by Lectron Fuel Systems on their flow bench to be plug & play on delivery. A Dynatek Programmable Ignition was installed. The work takes the power up to 148 BHP at the rear wheel.

Classic Co. then fabricated, following our designs, a carbon fibre tail section, motor air rams and the belly pan, as well as all the aluminum brackets for the needed modifications. UK based Dymag developed the carbon fibre wheels especially to fit not just BBW but also the stock XJR1300. Acke Rising from ISR in Sweden did a lot of machining using the El Solitario designs to make custom triple trees, disc rotors and the incredible rear brake caliper bracket. ISR hand controls were added along with ISR front 6 piston calipers and rear 4 pistons caliper.

K-Tech Suspension collaborated with Novatech to develop the impressive front forks and the rear shocks. The screaming custom titanium exhaust was made by Asahina Racing in Japan, designed to fit not just the BBW but the stock XJR1300 also. Moto GP oil cooler supplier, Taleo Racing in Madrid created the custom semi circular oil cooler and EMD in France, machined in aluminum the prototype motor covers which will be available to buy from El Solitario for the stock XJR1300 in the foundry version.

A TWM custom gas cap sets off the tank and a stunning custom aluminum swing arm by Over Racing in Japan finishes the rear along with a set of their rearsets. The BBW was wired using the Motogadget M-Unit & uses the M-Lock for on/off. Corona supplied the super cool quick shifter and PIAA supplied the intense headlights.

The BBW stays stuck to the tarmac with Michelin street, slick and rain tyres to maximize the fun whatever the conditions. Last but by no means least the beautiful custom graphics and paint was the work of London artist Death Spray Custom.

Very special thanks to: Mauro Abbadini, Ivan Ferreiro, Alberto Garcia-Alix, David Gwyther, Tadashi Kono, Seb Lorentz, Vincent Prat, JMKL, Gavin Matheson, Shun Miyazawa & all the sponsors that made this adventure possible. You rule!


Wheels and Waves 2015 Part 1

Nous l'avons attendu, Nick Clements (Mensfile) l'a réalisé, voici la première partie de notre film Wheels and Waves 2015.
Finally done... we proudly present the first part of our Movie done by Nick Clements
This year Wheels & Waves hosted a vast range of styles and disciplines in motorcycle design, styling, building, riding and fun racing. There was also art, music and an impressive market place. Unfortunately, the surf was flat.
To encapsulate all this in one movie would be difficult so we have chosen the theme of PEOPLE to illustrate the diversity of attitudes and ideas present over the four days and then made the film in two parts.
PART TWO will be out in August 2015

Cette année Wheels & Waves confirme son écléctisme et sa volonté de présenter tous les genres dans le design et le style motocycliste. Le ride et la course sont aussi des composants essentiels de l'événement, sans oublier l'exposition Artride, les concerts et le village de la Cité de l'Océan. Malheureusement le surf était absent pour faute de vagues.
Nous commençons ici avec un premier film ou le réalisateur s'est attaché à la description de cette diversité au travers d'interviews.
La deuxième partie sera présentée en Aout 2015

Wheels & Waves 2015 Part 1 from Dir. Nick Clements on Vimeo.

The Wheels and Waves festival 2015 was extraordinary for its bikes, its racing, its art, its music, its style, but most of all its people. This eight minute film takes you through the first two days of the happening.


Last Summer Journey

It's been almost one year, and I never published theses photos taken during our roadtrip in the south of Spain. Life goes so fast, we have been very busy the last months because of our event, but i don't give up... this blog, is still alive even if the statistics are close from null.

To jump on the road and “take French leave”, does it mean something to you ? For us, it seems obvious: going on a trip with our motorcycles is in our blood, it comes as a vital need.
Why would we have so much passion if our bikes were just to admire in the back of our garage ?
From where we already are in the South of France, the easiest and the most attracting way to go is furthermore towards the South.
The appeal to reach the most southern point of Europe stood like a magnet.

We loved exploring Andalucia, this beautiful and wild piece of land.
We travelled through the winds of the Iberian Peninsula, drove on many stunning roads, partied on long summer nights sometimes 'til the morning.
We felt alive !

Crossing the Pyrenean mountains around Bielsa port with two Guzzis
Monte Perdido

los Monegros
Somewhere in the suburbs of Madrid
Madrilenos will recognize the cave of Doctor Jalisco
WW2 R75
Polo joined the forces in Zargoza
Rickman Kawasaki
2 rares British bikes in Spain

El Jefe Doctor Jalisco

Juan Ramon

the carb sync and compression check 15:1 is a lot ...put a gasket  !!
Looking for shadow

Alberto Garcia Alix


David at work
David and Anthony enjoying the dirty Duoglide
Zahara de la Sierra
Anthony aka Matt Black customs
The lone Wolf
the Basecamp in Tarifa
small eyes, strong night
like  a modern Manet painting

My Half
Fred II
Mala chicas
Ronda point of view
Zahara de la sierra
locals only